The Facts


For too long the prison at Guantanamo Bay has been a blight on our nation and a recruiting tool for extremists. We need to close Gitmo now and bring justice to victims of terrorism by prosecuting detainees in federal courts. Given the deliberate and cynical campaign by former Vice President Dick Cheney and hard-core conservatives to scare and confuse Americans, many truths about Gitmo have been distorted or obscured. Here are the real facts to know about the prison at Guantanamo.

Did you know:

  • Only 8 of the 779 detainees ever held at Guantanamo’s detention center were convicted by military commissions. [ACLU]
  • On 3 separate occasions where cases involving detainee rights have gone before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Justices sided with the detainees. [Miami Herald]
  • The Federal Court System determined that 38 prisoners were being held unlawfully. [Miami Herald]
  • The United States has convicted more than 500 terrorists since 2001 through the Federal Court System, and no one convicted of terrorism related charges has ever escaped from any part of the federal system. [Human Rights First]
  • Of the 80 remaining prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, 35 have been declared eligible for transfer. [Department of Defense]
  • In 2015, it cost approximately 445 million dollars to operate the detention center. [Department of Defense]
  • Since 2001, 9 prisoners have died in the Guantanamo Bay facilities, including one prisoner who was captured at age 16 and died at age 21. [ACLU]
  • The United States has imprisoned 21 children at Guantanamo; the youngest detainee was 13 years old. [ACLU]
  • Over 200 FBI agents have reported abusive treatment of Guantanamo prisoners. [ACLU]

“The real difference between us and the enemy is how we treat the enemy” – Rear. Adm. John Hutson, former Navy Lawyer